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Support Groups

Support Groups exist to support families of kids as well as adults with Tourette Syndrome/Tic disorders. We provide educational programs in schools and other community organizations, access to a wide range of informational resources, and the ability of family and individuals to meet and exchange information and experiences. 

Denver Metropolitan Area TAA

Leader: Jefferson Kellogg

Phone: 240-723-0708

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Northern Colorado/Wyoming TAA

Leader: Kathryn Carroll


Phone: 970-692-3307

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Colorado TAA Executive Committee

- Kathryn Carroll (Northern Colorado TAA Support Group Leader), Member
- Brad Fixler (VP, UCHealth), Medical Community Liaison
- Karen Harmon (Three Pines Therapy, LLC), CBIT Specialist

- Jefferson Kellogg (Denver TAA Support Group Leader), Member
- Marisa Kellogg (Westminster), Communications Coordinator
- Karalyn Marzo (Castle Rock), Member
- Chelsey Stillman (P.A., Children’s Hospital Colorado, Pediatric Neurology
  Department), Integrative Tic Clinic

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